Quilt making – Get Inspired From the Best quilters of the Century


Quilts are multi-layered soft cushion-like mattresses with a woven cloth that covers the top and bottom. In the early days, quilting is considered as one of the non-utilitarian art work. However, right from the day, it came into existence, quilts were used as comforters because of its ability to retain warmth and fight the tough cold weather. But most of us do not know how far a quilt can serve the purpose. Even if you had not owned a quilt before or never wanted one, the time has come to buy one. In the next few minutes, we are going to convince you to buy a quilt by drenching your head with its goodness. But it doesn’t stop there. We are also going to list the quitters who made the best quilts ever and the ones who can inspire you to make quilts on your own. So stay tuned and take a glimpse of the quilt-knowledge that we are going to gift you.

Top 3 Quilters that History will never forget!

Elizabeth Talford Scott:

Talford led low profile living all her life. She was a domestic servant employed for nanny-ing the children and was also a cook. But when she took a retirement at the age of 54 and began quilting it changed her profile upside down. Her quilts were displayed at the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art and the Museum of Biblical Art.

Mimi Dietrich:


Mimi, a cancer survivor and an inspiration for many others out there, is an American quilter and a quilting instructor. She was a very versatile as a person. She was a quilting instructor, author, and a great quilter herself. She has authored more than 15 books that teach you the tricks to quilt flawlessly. To add to things she was also honored by including her as a member of the Quilter’s Hall of Fame.

Cuesta Benberry:


Cuesta was an American Scholar turned quilter. She is considered as the pioneer of African-American quilt making and has authored many books, magazines, and journals about the art of making quilts. She was really serious about what she did because she was believed to have had an extensive collection of quilts, paper works, documents and journals that helped her research work on quilt making.

Bests things about owning quilts:

  • Quilts can be used as both beds and bedspread. Though they might give the best of all experiences if you choose to sleep overnight, they are good for short naps.
  • Quilts are thick enough to retain the warmth of your body. They usually serve a large purpose during the cold season.
  • Quilts, depending on their sizes can be used as framed artwork and wall hangings. They can also be turned into purses and table runners.
  • We saved the best for the last! If your quilts have gone too old to use, cut them and use these small portions to make pretty stuffed dolls that can decorate your showcases, shelves, and beds.